Introduction to Sketchnoting (video workshop)

Sketchnoting is a way of journaling your ideas on the fly while you listen to a lecture, meeting, class, or anything you want to pay more attention to. In this workshop, veteran Sketchnoter Kate Rutter gives us the basics on how to keep your own sketchnotes. This is a high percentage skill that you will use again and again. It takes practice but is well worth the work. As a quick summary, here are my sketchnotes of Kate’s talk…

Kate is the facilitator of the Sketchnotes SF Meetup Group, UX product designer, and a graphic facilitator. Visit Kate’s webpage: See the presentation slide deck here.

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Sketchnoting (video workshop)

  1. Gina says:

    Thanks so much for this! Now I know what summary drawings I’ve admired for a while are called, and now I have some instruction on how to start. I had no idea that there was information on how to do this. Fantastic!

  2. cynthia says:

    hi jack,
    i LOVE your videos. maybe i’m overlooking it, but is there a category/link for just videos? i’m scrolling through all parts and find one here-and-there. it would be wonderful if they were stockpiled under a video category. i like to re-watch them.

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