Your journal is not the place to conserve paper

We don’t want to waste paper. Some folks try to save trees in their sketchbooks and journals by drawing or writing less or making very small pictures. This is the wrong place to make a conservation impact. In fact I think that the most respectful thing you could do to a tree once it is cut down is convert it to a nature journal. Let yourself go and fly through your pages. The more pages you fill, the more you draw or write, the better you will get at it. It’s a numbers game. Do not worry about making good drawings, just make lots of drawings. The good ones will come. Journaling on a regular basis will bring you closer to nature and motivate you to stewardship. Then you will really make a difference. There is nothing stopping a person motivated by love.

Still want to compensate for all those journal pages you have filled? How about recycling at home and office and cutting down on the amount of junk mail that floods your home. You can opt out of credit offers, catalogues, and other mailings online. Here are some resources.