Journaling the Solar Eclipse

Let’s prepare for the solar eclipse happening on April 8th 2024!!! Eclipse Ambassador KE Hones makes a safety announcement for solar eclipse viewing. John Muir Laws looks at different ways of exploring and journaling the eclipse, as well as investigates a strange phenomenon involving light filtering through a fence. (Session on Pi Day, 3/14/2024)

Links: Eclipse ambassador program:

Solar glasses:

The original 3 Hole Punch Pinhole Projector link appears to be broken. Here is an in-depth investigation of the same activity:

Eclipse Myths:

Outdoor Activity Shadow Tracing:

Eclipse in a Cup Activity:

“From Farmworker to Astronaut: My Path to the Stars” / “De Campesino a Astronauta: Mi viaje a las estrellas” by Jose M. Hernandez (English and Spanish Edition) Paperback