Make a Step by step and Drawing Spirals (video)

How can creating your own step-by-step tutorial help you learn to draw and keep a nature journal? Where do you find spirals in nature and how do you draw them? Join John Muir Laws on the Nature Journal Workshop as he unpacks these ideas!

4 thoughts on “Make a Step by step and Drawing Spirals (video)

  1. Laura Baker says:

    Dear John. I am a huge fan of your work and have taken your online drawing classes, especially those on birds. I volunteer with the Friends of Gualala River in NW Sonoma County ( For many years, we have worked to protect the Gualala River and its watershed and are particularly interested in educating the community to the natural environment. Would you be open to our sponsoring an online drawing class taught by you and focused on some aspect of our watershed? We think it would be a big hit, especially during these difficult times.

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