Nature Journaling Strategies with Verena Hillgärtner

Join John Muir Laws and Verena Hillgärtner for a lively discussion and demonstration of nature journaling!

Nature Journaling is a wonderful tool to pay attention to the otherwise often overlooked and unloved beings of this world like weeds, pigeons, bugs, spiders and ticks. We’ll practice how a nature journal can help you overcome those fears with empathy and curiosity. We conquer prejudices with knowledge, an open mind, a pen and some paper. We will learn how you can spread appreciation and respect for every being in the web of life and become an advocate for all the Crawlers, Wigglers, Nibblers and Flutterers by “just” keeping a nature journal.” (Class session was on 1 February 2024).

A short message from Verena: “Hi, I am Verena Hillgärtner from Berlin, Germany. As an artist, educator and naturalist, I love to observe nature and to document it in my Journal. After studying art education (BA) and working as a forest kindergarten teacher, I started my own business as a wilderness educator. I now give online and offline Nature Journaling and Wilderness Workshops where I help people to rewild and find their path of creative nature connection, curiosity and empathy with just a pen and some paper.”

Verena’s website:
Her Instagram: @wiederwilderwerden
Her book: “Nature Journaling” by Verena Hillgärtner [German language]

Verena’s interview with Bethan:
Verena’s interview with Marley:

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