New! Quick Start Guide to Nature Journaling: Free download

The Wild Wonder team is thrilled to announce a new nature journaling resource:

Your Quick Start Guide to Nature Journaling

A FREE digital download!

This handy zine includes everything you need to get started nature journaling! It covers the basics (a definition, using words/pictures/numbers, and I notice/I wonder/It reminds me of), plus info on tools, places to journal, and more. BONUS: Turn the zine inside out for seven inspiring nature journaling prompts. The QR code takes you to more online resources to support your nature journaling journey, including a link to a digital version.

Download, print, and fold this zine for yourself AND print copies to share with your students, friends, and nature journaling groups–please share it widely!

If you are able to, please make a donation with your download order. Your support helps Wild Wonder Foundation create more nature journaling resources! Thank you.

ALSO: Check out the short video showing how to print, cut, and fold your zine.

NOTE: If you’d like 25 or more copies that are printed, folded, and ready to share, you can order those here.

Special thanks to Kate Rutter for helping to illustrating this zine!