NJC, Episode 22: Sitspot: Observing a Special Place Over Time

A Sit Spot is a special place in nature that you can return to, again and again, for insight, connection, and solace. Learn how to find your own sit spot to visit over time. From this place, you can see the changes in the world and in your heart.

2 thoughts on “NJC, Episode 22: Sitspot: Observing a Special Place Over Time

  1. Gisela Foster says:

    Due to “Pandemic Circumstances” and the fact that I lack transportation and a certain amount of mobility, my “sitspot” is behind my house. I document it frequently, photograph it or a part of it almost every day. I see the changes that occur, hour by hour, week to week, from last spring to this spring. It has a big advantage over far away sitspots – I can bring coffee in a cup rather than a thermos. And I have an electrical connection coming from my bathroom window. 😄 There are plenty of birds, bugs, plants, trees, and the sounds of nature are not drowned by human noises.
    I love this spot. I meditate there, draw into my Nature Journal, knit, read, and often have my lunch at the bottom of the hill behind my house.
    There was a time when I was able to climb the hill, now I watch cats climb up, and when it gets dark, raccoons come down.

  2. Dena says:

    Love this I had my student do this n going to add the suggestion to my page for Earth Day of Make Every Day Earth Day
    Thank you for this

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