NJC, Episode 3: My Secret Plant

My Secret Plant is a great activity to focus your observations and help you be specific as you record observations in your nature journal. Join John Muir Laws as he describes how to play the game then head outside and try it yourself!

About The Nature Journal Connection Video Series

In partnership with the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco (https://creativity.org/), I worked with a team to produce a series of 40 free,10 to15-minute recorded nature journaling workshops featuring fun and engaging activities that build the skills of a scientist, naturalist, artist, and observer. We released the first episode on October 27, 2020, and we will release one each week through July 2021. Appropriate for children of all ages as well as adults, this program connects science, language arts, math, visual arts, critical thinking, mindfulness, wonder, curiosity, and joy.

Visit this page to for more information and a list of all the episodes posted so far.