NJC, Episode 31: Sense of Place

Exploring a special place may require special methods. It helps to have a plan. Go on a scavenger hunt and find three small items that strongly represent this place at this time. You might, for instance, choose a brightly colored leaf in an autumn forest. Draw and describe these into your journal. Then add a little landscape sketch or diagram to complete the story. By combining the small found objects with the big picture you can capture the mystery and memories of a special place.

One thought on “NJC, Episode 31: Sense of Place

  1. Sharron L Walker says:

    Wonderful and inspiring, as usual Jack! Will be sharing with my Nature Journaling group I am facilitating at San Pedro Valley Park.
    BTW just returned from Kings Canyon/Sequoia Nat’t Parks. Seeing you in the forest brought me back …thankfully the Big Trees are safe thanks to the herculean efforts of Park Rangers, CA Fire and all others!!

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