NJEF: Creating an Astronomy Program Online

This week, the Nature Journal Educator’s Forum welcomes educator Steph Sedgwick, who teaches online to students all across British Columbia, Canada. She is creating an astronomy program with a strong nature journal component for her grade 12 students.

Because this program is taught asynchronously, students won’t always have a chance to meet and talk together through their observations and questions. Additionally, Steph’s students live in many different areas of BC, anywhere from the big city to the countryside, which means that students might have wildly different experiences with the night sky. Steph is creating choices in activities so that students can find the investigations that make the most sense for them, which allows her program to be flexible and accessible to a variety of learners.

As a forum, let’s brainstorm with Steph to help her plan a culminating activity for her students, that can be done in any place, at any time, that will help her students explore, recognize, and celebrate the meaningfulness of their work!