NJEF: Neurodivergence

Three incredible community members share about their journeys in neurodivergence, first as kids who needed support and understanding, and then as adults who provide their students with that support and understanding. Join Charon Henning, Libby VanWhye, John Muir Laws, and the Nature Journal Educator’s Forum for this deeply meaningful conversation.

One thought on “NJEF: Neurodivergence

  1. Carol Coogan says:

    Concerning Neurodivergence, the youtube forum on this subject was mind blowing for me. I was told so many times as a child that I could do so much better IF ONLY I would pay attention. If only I applied myself. Report cards stated I spent too much time daydreaming, doodling on my papers, and that I did not follow classroom instructions according to their specifications and that is why I was getting low grades and negative remarks. I also had trouble making friends because I don’t act like a normal person. I love that you are all telling me there is no such thing as a typical normal person. I loved watching and interacting with nature as a child. I learned and understood the world visually. THANK YOU so much for honoring and clarifying information and understanding Neurodivergence.

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