NJEF Stewardship and Service

Please join our Educator’s Forum for a discussion of ways to use stewardship and service projects to connect students with nature and community.

Celebrate with John Muir Laws on Sunday April 3rd with an act of stewardship in your community. #NatureJournalStewards

NJEF’s stewardship ideas brainstorm:
Picking up trash on your birthday at your local beach or natural area, native plant restoration, Zooniverse, great backyard bird count, citizen science projects at a local preserve, bee gardens, pollinator gardens, starting a community garden, focus on native plants in your own yard (e.g. milkweed), e-bird app for bird counting, iNaturalist, not feeding bread to birds and gently reminding others of the same, picking up trash on the way in or out of a nature journal outing, especially where others can see you, so you’re setting an example.