Now mid range values. Paint the back with darker paint, again leaving a pale highlight along the back.

2 thoughts on “nuthatch-wb-sbs-3

  1. Cati Vawda says:

    This is a wonderful exercise. I find that I have trouble controlling waterflow in my waterbrush, even after considerable practice. Do you have any tips on how to reduce the flow rate?

    • John Muir Laws says:

      great question and I think i should put up a video on this. It was a part of the no fear watercolor class but the video camera was not working on that day. New waterbrushes tend to have a heavier flow. sometimes the problem just goes away. In the meantime, try starting with a quick wipe on a towel, then mix in your paint an palette, test on a spare piece of paper or on the side of your drawing, then apply the paint in your picture. Sounds confusing and complicated but it has become a workflow habit for me. I will try to get a video out soon.

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