Oh My Gouache! Part 1

Gouache, an opaque watercolor, has wonderful practical uses but also its own challenges. In this workshop, we will learn Jack’s gouache system and learn how to set up our own gouache palette. What paints should I use? How can I avoid the paint cracking and falling out of the palette? We recommend that you wait to buy your gouache paints and palette until after this workshop. Then bring your palette to the next workshop.

Here are my color choices for the light value palette. 1st collum (not row): Permanent White, M Graham Hansa Yellow Light. 2nd column: Holbein Permanent Yellow Orange, Holbein Brilliant Pink. 3rd column: Holbein Lilic, Holbein Aqua Blue. 4th column: Holbein Leaf Green, Holbein Permanent Green Light. 5th column: Shminkie Titanium Gold Ochre, Holbein Yellow Ochre. 6th column: Holbein Gray #1, Holbein Gray #2.

Improtant Note: Do not use Acrylla gouache. Acrylla gouache is not rewetable. Once it drys it is there for good and you can not rewet it in your palette.