Perspective for Nature Journaling (video workshop)

sfzoo_2015jan21dNature Journal Club guest lecture by Mark Simmons.

Perspective allows us to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on the flat page. Though it may seem intimidating, a basic understanding of perspective gives us a bag of tricks that we can use to add a sense of depth and distance to our scenes, and convincing volume to our animal drawings. This workshop covers a few simple principles that you can apply to give your pictures a three-dimensional feel, including: parallel lines and how the eye sees them, drawing simple forms in perspective, foreshortening, overlapping foreground and background, atmospheric perspective, and understanding and using the horizon line.

San Francisco-based artist Mark Simmons specializes in comics, cartoons, and storyboards. You can see some of his work at, or visit for his latest life sketches of cute animals, construction machines, and whatnot.