Plant Drawing Tricks (video)

Learn techniques to visualize plants to help you draw them plus a grab bag of stratagies to help you draw and paint leaf veins and other details.

This live workshop is part of International Nature Journaling Week. You will learn tips and tricks to help you draw plants. I have a bunch of fun strategies to help you draw flowers, branches, leaves, curling petals, and other crazy plant stuff. This class will be useful for everyone. If you are a teacher, you will learn a lot of tricks you can incorporate into your lessons (everything I do is open source). This is going to be fun so gather your materials, journal, and pencil, and come along.


  • A permanent black marking pen (like a sharpie)..If you also have a red and blue sharpie (or two other colors) bring it along too.
  • A piece of clear or translucent plastic (like a heavy-duty zip-lock bag or the cover of a plastic folder for a school report)
  • A printout of the plant drawing worksheet (if you cannot print it out, view it online, and carefully copy what you see onto a piece of paper before class).