2×4 Observation/Question Stickers



The prompts “I notice, I wonder, It reminds me of” (INIWIRMO) are a doorway to observation and inquiry. Everyone, from children to experienced naturalists, can enrich their time outdoors with a little INIWIRMO. Print out a page of observation and question stickers to paste into your journal as reminders and prompts to observe more deeply and ask rich and far-ranging questions. Available in English and Spanish, these stickers print in sheets of ten, and are compatible with standard 2×4 shipping labels available in office supply stores. Use 3M 3200-S, 3M 3100-S, Avery 81663, Avery 5263, or Office Depot 612-271. Print out sets for your students, family, or nature journaling friends.

Special thanks to Jose Sanz Garcia for the Spanish translation, Mirabelle Kelly for the French translation, Flo Krapoth for the German and Dutch translations, and Ava Jarvis for the Tiếng Việt translation. If you can translate the prompts to another language, please send me your work and I will share it here.

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English, Español, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Nederlands, Français


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