Pentel Arts Aquash Round, Large (18mm), Fine Point Water Brush



If you are using watercolor in the field, consider this terrific tool–a brush that holds water in the handle so you do not need to dip it into water to paint. This brush is an essential part of my field kit, and the main brush I use in all of my work–even for my studio work. It is very handy for quick sketching, especially in the field. Though there are water brushes in many sizes made by many companies, the Pentel Arts® Aquash™ Large (18mm), Fine Point Water Brush is by far my favorite. If you use a waterbrush, carry a rag to wipe the brush clean to change colors. (I use an old sock with the toe cut off and put it around my wrist so my rag is accessible any time.) If you use this brush, you can also dispense with bringing the tightly sealed water bottle for painting. You also bypass the environmental impact of pouring out paint-clouded water onto the ground in the field. Once you try this brush, you may never go back to traditional (and more expensive) brushes for your field work. If your brush clogs after prolonged use, here is a tutorial about how to clean it!


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