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These are free downloadable worksheets from past classes with John Muir Laws. Use the pulldown menu to choose which worksheet(s) you’d like. Print out the pages to follow along on step-by-step tutorials and lessons. You can find recordings of the workshops in the Blog Archive.

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Birds in Flight Models, Bird Feather Tracts (shrike), Solstice Equinox Targets, Watercolor Birds, Horse Anatomy, Bird Model, Squirrel Model, Wolf Anatomy, Lion Anatomy, Watercolor Pencil, Waterbrush Technique, Watercolor Basics, Colored Pencil, Fruit Bat Flight Model, Wolf Skeleton, Caribou Skeleton, Flower Parts, Dodecahedron Template, Perspective Grids, Flower and Leaf Perspective Model (single set), Flower Models x6, Leaf Model pairs x4, lion skull, Seabirds in Flight Paper Models, Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Ungulate skeletons, Perissodactyla comparison, Lion Worksheet, Big Cat Comparison, Hyena and Jackal skeletons, Giraffe Skeleton, Bison and Elk Skeletons, Cheetah Skeleton, Black Bear Skeleton, White-throated Sparrow


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