Zebra Zensations Super Fine Tip Brush Pen, Black

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This pen is a key part of my kit and I use it daily. I love how I can vary the pressure to change the strength of my line. The ink is water resistant (I usually add paint first, then this pen on top), acid free, and archival quality. 

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Weight.5 oz
Dimensions7.5 × 2.25 × .5 in

1 review for Zebra Zensations Super Fine Tip Brush Pen, Black

  1. Akshay Mahajan

    I saw Jack use this on his journal pages and immediately ordered it ! This pen is magical in the sense that you can create very nice variation in line width with very less starter skill. This quality allows one to punch bold lines for titles, closer objects, to show perspective etc, while also having the ability to use fine line width for text, not so important information etc. In love with the pen for the past couple of months. This is become a go-to medium 🙂

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