Remembering Rich Stallcup

Rich Stallcup with EnsatinaConservation hero Rich Stallcup was a rare bird magnet and helped many of us realize what you can discover if you pay attention. While I was working on my Sierra field guide. I visited Rich with a pile of illustrations. He patiently went through them with me pointing out the subtlest corrections and suggested changes. As he did his stories began to flow as drawings triggered memories and anecdotes. He shared his knowledge, encouragement, and joy. In the field he was a wonder. It was as if rare birds were attracted to his pishing. He also got himself out into the field all the time. From all those hours with birds, he knew their ways and whiles better than anyone.

Rich was deeply committed to the preservation of nature. I think that came from a love that was regularly refreshed with time in the field. He fostered that love and stewardship in many of his students and his legacy is carried by the Point Reyes Bird Observatory which he helped to found. We will miss you dear friend.