Art & Nature Resources in the San Francisco Bay Area

The beauty and diversity of the San Francisco Bay area is at your fingertips. Grab your binoculars and sketchbook and take a hike. Bring a friend to share the experience. Go deeper by participating in the many lectures and events throughout the region. Connect with a community of people who share your interest in nature, sketching, and stewardship by joining nature related groups in your area. There are outstanding classes and teachers who will inspire and encourage you. Here are a few groups that you should know about if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have only included groups and individuals that have web pages to which I can link. Contact me to be added to this list. Leave a comment to share or endorse your favorites.

Where to go

Natural History Lectures and Naturalist Groups

Bay Area Nature Art & Sketching Teachers

Nature Journaling Teachers in the USA

Pam Luer

Bay Area Naturalist Leaders

Nature Festivals

Nature Stewardship

Nature Journal Clubs

6 thoughts on “Art & Nature Resources in the San Francisco Bay Area

  1. Gretchen says:

    Hello! I’m wondering if you have the name of the photographer who offers his photos for reference for nature drawing – I think he specifically has images of birds. I thought I might find this information here, alas, I didn’t. Thank you for all the work you do, Jack!

  2. Elizabeth Vega, says:

    Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods is also an amazing non profit that offers educational seminars, hikes, and workshops on many interesting natural topics and stewardship opportunities in Sonoma County. Perhaps they should be a part of this great network of organizations and stewards.

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