Speed Drawing Mammals (video workshop)

Learn techniques to quickly and accurately draw mammals in the field. This workshop will focus on understanding key points of mammal anatomy that help you pose and draw mammals from any angle. Learn how to:

  • Helpful first lines to get any mammal sketch started that will help you capture the most important elements with a few strokes.
  • Understand basic mammal skeletal structure and the key differentiations between major groups.
  • Simplify complex muscle masses to essential lines.
  • Draw mammals when you can not understand their anatomical position e.g. when they are resting on folded legs.


Workshop sketchnotes by Mark Simmons.

2 thoughts on “Speed Drawing Mammals (video workshop)

  1. Karla Kay Hull says:

    Fascinating lecture on the anatomy of mammals and easy ways to sketch them using shapes, values & negatives spaces. Since I live in the mountains of Northern Idaho, I see various mammals – especially deer.
    To learn that they stand on their ‘fingernails’ is mind blowing! No doubt, John Muir Laws, is the most informative and gifted teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Thank you!

  2. Nanci says:

    Thank you for another info-packed but easily understandable (and re-memberable)…You are a great teacher. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us

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