My drawing process and practice (video lecture)

On July 3, 2018, I was invited to speak at The Foster, an amazing gallery, dedicated to the work of Watercolorist Tony Foster. Here I describe my process of creating the Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada and nature journaling.

Book Review: Looking at Birds

Looking at Birds: An Antidote to Field Guides is an outstanding guide to observing the world and bringing greater joy and curiosity to the study of birds. The author is John Busby, master bird artist whose fast bird sketches capture the aliveness and energy of a bird like no one I have ever seen. His

Inspiring Nature Artists

There are some amazing online sketchbooks that will inspire and give you great ideas about how to extend your work. Study the artwork of these naturalists and artists. Learn by copying their drawings and asking yourself, “how do they do that?” What tricks will they teach you? Let me know of other nature sketchers that