How to Draw Hawks in Flight

Here is another look at drawing hawks in flight. This time I have chosen a difficult angle. The bird, a Northern Harrier, holds its wings up in a steep V. This one is rocked toward you so that the close wing is strongly foreshortened. Lets take a look at how to draw hawks in flight,

Drawing Hawks in Flight

There are three things to catch in your first fast sketch. The posture, proportions, and angles. Start with the simple shapes first and build from there. In a circling hawk you may be able to build a compound picture from several different views. If you only get a quick look, do the best you can.

How to draw Seabirds: A Sense of Humerals

On a trip to Kaua’i I visited the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. The air and cliffs were filled with boobies, albatross and frigate birds. It was stirring to see such abundance of seabirds. I had a great opportunity to observe the structure of the bird’s wings as I sketched the birds flying in and