Perspective for Nature Journaling (video workshop)

Nature Journal Club guest lecture by Mark Simmons. Perspective allows us to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on the flat page. Though it may seem intimidating, a basic understanding of perspective gives us a bag of tricks that we can use to add a sense of depth and distance to our scenes, and convincing

Yosemite Landscapeito: making quick watercolor sketches in the field

Landscapeitos are little landscape drawings or thumbnails that are easy to finish in the field and fun to paint. The secret is to keep them small. This drawing was only about an inch and a half wide by two inches tall. If you double the size of the drawing, you quadruple the area that you must cover. The

How to Draw Landscapes I (video workshop)

Master the five-minute landscape as you develop your plein-aire toolkit. Learn how to show depth in your landscapes (or any drawing). Discover tricks to help you quickly draw forests without getting sick of drawing trees. Explore simple guidelines to enhance your compositions. Experience the simplicity of the four value system and apply it to draw realistic rocks with ease.