How to Draw Landscapes I (video workshop)

Master the five-minute landscape as you develop your plein-aire toolkit. Learn how to show depth in your landscapes (or any drawing). Discover tricks to help you quickly draw forests without getting sick of drawing trees. Explore simple guidelines to enhance your compositions. Experience the simplicity of the four value system and apply it to draw realistic rocks with ease.

How to Paint Raindrops and Dew

With rain in the forecast, it is a perfect time to explore how to draw and paint raindrops and morning dew. Avoid dropping dew drops over every rose you draw, this just turns your field journaling into kitsch. But if you go sketching early in the morning or after a rainstorm, you have earned your

Painting Shadows on Snow with Watercolor

Look deeply into shadows on snow. You will see beautiful blues and violets. Don’t be timid about adding these colors over snow. What a delight. Shadows on snow show the contours of snowdrifts. Pay attention to the way the angles change as the shadows move across the drifts. The shadows reveal the shape of the surface of

Drawing Light and Shadow

Understanding how light and shadow play across an object will help you describe its form or even make up shadows when you need them. Click on the first image to start a step by step slideshow.

How to Draw Raptors on Toned Paper- Exploring Contrast

Contrast is a key component of successful pictures. If your darkest dark and lightest light are too close to each other, the resulting picture may feel anemic. While not an absolute rule, the suggestion to increase the contrast range in your drawings will improve many drawings. Once you are aware of this principle, you may

How to Draw Raptors on Toned Paper

Many raptors have strongly contrasting feathers. You can identify them by the bold dark and light patterns from a great distance. This makes them ideal subjects to explore with drawings on toned paper. With paper that is a mid-value gray or brown, you are not limited to simply pushing the darks by adding graphite with

Fast Sketching with Markers

Markers are great tools for field sketching. They lay down an even area of tone. With a small set of shades of gray, you can produce fast value studies. The markers will quickly bleed through thin paper so either put a blotter sheet behind the page you are working on or sketch on heavyweight paper.

Drawing Better Bird Shadows

Albino birds- that’s the secret. When we look at pigmented birds, the patterns and values that we see are the made by both pigment patterns and shadow. If you take away part of that equation you will learn a lot about how shadows fall on the bodies of birds. Try a Google image search such