How to Draw Landscapes I (video workshop)

Master the five-minute landscape as you develop your plein-aire toolkit. Learn how to show depth in your landscapes (or any drawing). Discover tricks to help you quickly draw forests without getting sick of drawing trees. Explore simple guidelines to enhance your compositions. Experience the simplicity of the four value system and apply it to draw realistic rocks with ease.

Shape vs. Structure

There are two ways of visualizing what you want to sketch, seeing shape and structure. Block in your sketch using shapes then refine your drawing by double checking that the structure is accurately observed. A curling ribbon is a good model to begin thinking about surface shapes. Train your eye to catch the shapes formed

How to Draw Mushrooms

Come draw mushrooms at the Fungus Fair. Fungi are a delight to sketch and paint. Learn a simple approach to sketching mushrooms and some of the most common errors that can creep into your fungus sketching. Learn how to draw mushroom gills and how to foreshorten mushrooms. Then head out to the main hall at the