Drawing foreshortened insects: Seven-spotted Ladybug

Learn how to draw a foreshortened ladybug in a step-by-step demonstration. Drawing insects from the top view is useful for identification but may lack dynamic interest. Three quarter views of insects show the height and form in ways you can not show from above. Visualizing the way that straight lines wrap around rounded forms is

How to Draw Insects (video workshop)

Insects are a delight to study and observe. Learn the basics of insect illustration in this video workshop. This workshop introduces you to the basics of how to draw insects including anatomy, the most common mistakes made by artists drawing insects, the eight most common orders of insects, and details to watch for as you

How to draw butterflies, dragonflies and the insects of summer

Bugs are fun and they are everywhere! Learn how to draw insects and spiders in quick field studies. Develop these drawings into careful studies. Learn important anatomical characteristics to look for and to make your drawings more accurate. Learn the top mistakes that everyone makes and how to avoid them. We also will explore how