A Better DIY Altoids palette

Hey there do it yourselfer’s. I saw a brilliant way to improve the Altoids palette: rigid paint pans, nothing to fall out, and easy to transfer to a new tin if your old Altoids box starts to rust. The secret is mini ice-cube trays. It’s a good-looking little kit. You get lots of pans to hold your color. My

Watercolor Sets for Kids

Looking for low-cost, non-toxic watercolor sets for kids or for your classroom? Try the Prang Oval-Pan Watercolor 16 well set. With a few modifications you can crate serviceable palettes for less than $9.00 apiece. Prang colors are AP certified non-toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute (so should a student decide to eat their watercolors, no problem).

Watercolor Color Chart

As you get to know the colors in your watercolor palette, you will learn the way that colors mix and blend. One way to explore this rigorously is to create a color combination grid with each of your colors on the X and Y axes and the combination of the row colors in each cell

Customizing the Cotman Sketcher’s Pocket Box

    The Winsor & Newton Cotman Sketcher’s Pocket Box is an excellent little palette. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and small enough to bring on a backpacking trip. It is good straight out of the box. However, with a little customization, it will serve you even better. The original pigments are student grade. As you

Choosing Watercolors

  Need help choosing watercolors for your travel or field palette? Start by accepting that there is no perfect palette. Your watercolor choices will change over time. As you discover new art supplies and colors you may add them to your palette while removing others that you never use. As you add or delete colors