5 Minute Landscape: Watercolor Pencil

Watercolor pencils are great tools for fast sketching. Start just like a pencil sketch and then add a little bit of water to blend some of the strokes. Three big tricks to help Keep it small. Thumbnail sketches can be just as satisfying as big landscapes and they take less time. Just use one color

Sketching with Ballpoint Pens (video workshop)

On a recent trip to Rwanda, I realized that I would fill my sketchbook long before returning home. I usually sketch with soft pencil and leave the opposite page blank so that facing pages will not smear each other. To conserve paper, I gave up the pencil and started sketching with a ballpoint pen. Within

Yosemite Landscapeito: making quick watercolor sketches in the field

Landscapeitos are little landscape drawings or thumbnails that are easy to finish in the field and fun to paint. The secret is to keep them small. This drawing was only about an inch and a half wide by two inches tall. If you double the size of the drawing, you quadruple the area that you must cover. The