How to Draw Waves and Whales (video workshop)

Learn to sketch marine mammals as you see them in the field. Whether you draw from shore or head out whale watching, this class will help you capture the moments on paper. Learn relevant anatomy for artists and field sketchers to help you draw whales, seals, sea lions, and otters. Understand the series of shapes

Painting Fog with Watercolor

There are four principles to suggest fog in a painting or drawing. As you move from the foreground to the background, lighten the value, narrow the contrast, desaturate the color, and show less detail. Lets see how these principles apply in a simple painting. Click on the first image to start a step by step

How to Draw Sea Foam

If you are drawing or painting waves, the sea-foam can help you show the planes of the surfaces of the waves or it can flatten your drawing. A few observations about foreshortening foam make a huge difference. Once you learn the tricks of how to draw sea-foam, your waves will begin to roll. The diagram above holds

How to Paint a Crashing Wave in Watercolor

The endless motion and chaotic repetition of waves against the shore is hypnotic to watch but challenging to draw. If you are learning how to paint a crashing wave, begin by watching the surf below you while saying your observations out loud. Describe what you see in as much detail as you are able. You