How to Teach Nature Journaling (Video Workshop)

[A]re you a school teacher who would like to lead nature journal activities in your classroom? Perhaps you are a home school parent who would like to extend and enrich your current journaling activities. Are you interested in starting (or are already leading) a nature journal club in your area? Or, you could be a nature journaler with no interest in teaching but would like to understand the psychological research behind what you do to better understand and inspire yourself.

In this workshop we explore the pedagogy and logistics of leading nature journaling activities and bringing students outdoors. You will learn:

  • how to lead journaling activities
  • my biggest mistakes and what doesn’t work
  • how to integrate nature journaling with the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • techniques to give authentic feedback on student work that inspire and motivate
  • a review of relevant education and cognitive psychology research

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One thought on “How to Teach Nature Journaling (Video Workshop)

  1. Thanks for a great tool, Jack. It is so great to see your evolutions in the education side of your work. Using these tools has been so very helpful with my own students. I look forward to watching them increase in their observation skills as the years to come. We love doing our Nature Study!

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