Teen Corner

The Nature Journal Club for Teens is a private Facebook group dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for nature journaling teens, and to introduce journaling to more teens around the world. We believe that when it comes to the nature journaling audience, it is mainly occupied by adults. We want to gather the age group that is often overlooked and bring together a community of teen nature journalers!

We meet every month to allow members (ages 13-19) to share, chat, and collectively create a new journal prompt for the month. Our Facebook group is “Nature Journal Club for Teens” and you can join our email list, at naturejournalclubforteens@gmail.com. The intention of our email list is to provide teens with the links for the monthly online meetings and extra information, in case they do not have a Facebook account. 

We feel that it can be difficult to find like-minded teens that enjoy learning about nature and nature journaling. This club has brought together such teens and as the community grows, more teens will be introduced to nature journaling and have a safe space to share what they’re learning.