The Curious Sketchbook Podcast

Season 3 of the Art for All Podcast is called “The Curious Sketchbook.” Each week, host Danny Gregory, of Sketchbook Skool, will be joined by artist, author, biologist, and nature journaler, John Muir Laws.  They will discuss drawing and painting, nature journaling, creativity, psychology, human brains, and much more in a free-wheeling conversation that promises to be inspiring and fun.

Listeners say

“I’m loving it!  Two of my favorite artist dudes.  I met Danny in person at the Pasadena SketchKon and have listened to John Muir Laws’ videos and bought stuff from him to draw the birds in my backyard.  What a great pairing.  Like fine wine and a rich, mellow cheese.  You two can figure out who is which!” — Hugh O.

“Excellent! Curiosity is one of my very favorite things! Such an interesting discussion and it already provided several concepts I want to explore further. I hope you will expand on some of the ideas touched on in future episodes. I will look forward to this as a weekly workout for my brain… AND for my sketchbook/journal! :-)!” — Kim W.

“OMG! My heart skipped a beat when I read this news! My 2 favorite people in a podcast – AWESOME!!! I really hope it will be weekly and it is wonderful that it will be on YouTube too, feels like we are sitting with you rather than just listening. Best idea ever! Thank you, Danny!” — Charlotte F.

“There’s been such a deficit of this kind of conversation in my life for so long that I’d begun to forget what was missing. Thank you, Danny and John, for letting us sit in on yours. I like that it was not scripted, neatly packaged, handed to us for consumption on a shiny over-produced plate. Instead, it was two creative intelligent people talking about things that interest them, and it challenged me to open my mind and engage with the topics in ways that were different for me. Lovely. I feel more myself than I have in some time.” — Nancy P.