The Nature Journal Challenge

Guest post by Amy Schleser

Every time I look at Jack’s books or another person’s journal, I see things I want to try out. The only problem is that I tend to forget the awesome ideas I’ve seen when I start to journal! I just go back to using my same old strategies. 

So, introducing “The Nature Journal Checklist Challenge”—a list of 30 ideas to try out. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this list and wanted to share it! It includes prompts like “compare,” “map,” “dig,” “guess,” “chart,” “slice”—and reminds you to write at least 2 questions per journal entry. It’s been helping me to push myself past what I normally do. 

If you want to try it too, I encourage you to share some of your drawings and checklist progress on the Nature Journal Club Facebook group! It’s more fun to do things together.