Watercolor Color Chart

As you get to know the colors in your watercolor palette, you will learn the way that colors mix and blend. One way to explore this rigorously is to create a color combination grid with each of your colors on the X and Y axes and the combination of the row colors in each cell in the body of the chart. In this example, full strength colors occupy the top right side of the chart while tints (diluted with water) fill out the bottom. It was made with all the colors on the custom watercolor palette. Click image to enlarge.

Paint color mixing chart

marleyheadshot2This chart was a labor of love by Marley Peifer. He is an outstanding naturalist and nature journaler. His field observations probe richly and deeply into the natural world. He lives in Sonoma county where he practices gardening, tracking, and nature journaling. Marley believes in the transformative power of visual art and story and his vision is to create narratives that educate, entertain, and change people on a fundamental level. His current project is a series of children’s books on tracking and nature awareness. Follow his work on his website.