YouTube channels for Nature Journalers

Yvea Moore created this helpful list of YouTube channels that may be particularly relevant for nature journalers. There are wonderful and varied sources of inspiration below. Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? If so please include them in the comments section. Thank you Yvea!

John Muir Laws: Explores nature journaling techniques, nature journaling education, and connecting with other educators and conservation organizations.

Marley Peifer: Explores nature journaling techniques and interviews other nature journalers, naturalists, and science illustrators on “the Nature Journal Show”. 

Rebecca Rolnick:  Recordings of the “Writing Workshop Wednesdays” 

No End to the Wonder (Amaya Shreeve): 

Melinda Nakagawa:

Yvea Moore:  Plant Families in Our Foods

Journaling with Nature (Bethan Burton): The leader of International Nature Journaling Week and host of a weekly podcast, Journaling with Nature, which often has interviews with other nature journalers. 

Marine Mumbles (Elizabeth Mills): Exploring marine life and conveying her discoveries through pop ups in her nature journal and other creative means.

Maria Coryell-Martin: Expeditionary art!

David Lukas:

Christine Elder:

Diario Naturalista Club with Meli An:

Cathy Johnson Kate is a leader in the nature journaling community and has been writing books and sharing content for years.