Find Your Inner Birdcasso!

Today John Muir Laws is joined by special guest Matthew Dodder, a nature and science educator and leader from the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society. Matthew shares his inspiring bird art and his approach to colored pencils to creating dynamic portraits of birds. (April 2023) To learn more about the SCVAS’s month-long event, the Birdathon, Read More

Drawing Birds with Debby Kaspari

Join John Muir Laws and special guest Debby Kaspari as they talk birds and dive into Debby’s journals and mindset. Hear Debby’s journey to being a bird artist, as well as her tips and tricks for drawing birds in the field. (Mar. 2023) Debby Kaspari’s website: IG: To learn more about Debby’s upcoming Read More

Birds in Colored Pencil with Jordan Silvia

Join John Muir Laws and special guest Jordan Silvia! Jordan demonstrates how she uses colored pencils to create vibrant and detailed bird illustrations, as well as shares invaluable tips for how to get the most out of your colored pencils. To learn more about Jordan Silvia and follow her work: Read More

Post-Hawk Page Composition

John Muir Laws takes us inside his nature journals and demonstrates one of his best practices: post-hawk compositions – or rather, “what to do after the hawk has flown away.” As a powerful means for information review and refresh (bonus concept: the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve), working on your pages post-hawk will help you organize what Read More