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For the Love of Birds Festival

January 26 @ 8:00 am January 30 @ 5:00 pm PST

Just $12! Join me and eleven other bird lovin’ folks at the Love of Birds Festival. We are a community of folks who are crazy about birds! For less than a box of truffles, you can join us virtually for 12 pre-recorded sessions and discover the many rich ways to know birds. YOU’LL GET TO LEARN FROM SOME OF THE WORLDS LEADING ARTISTS, SURVIVALISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, SCIENTISTS, AND CONSERVATIONISTS. Don’t worry, for those die-hard birders out there, we’ve got bonafide bird nerds here for you too. We’re talking about 12 experts in their fields, ready to help you expand what you thought was possible, learn practical skills and fall even more deeply in love with the world of birds. Tickets are just $12.

All Sessions ARE Pre-Recorded. They will be available to view from Jan 26 – Jan 30th OR.. pick up the VIP pass (after you register) and watch them whenever/forever!


  • Dr. Pepper Trail, Senior Forensic Ornithologist & creator of The Feather Atlas
  • Jose Martinez Amoedo, survivalist and star of the History Channel’s Alone Show
  • Amy Wallace, Falconer and founder of Falconry and Me on YouTube
  • John Muir Laws, Artist and author of Laws Guide to Drawing Birds
  • Kenn Kaufman, Author of the Kaufman field guide series
  • Elle Kaye, professional bird taxidermist & host of Specimens podcast
  • Julie Zickafoose, Artist & author of Saving Jemima
  • Purbita Saha, Senior Editor at Popular Science
  • Eliana Ardila, Bird Guide, Photographer, Biologist & Founder of Birding By Bus
  • Marshall Johnson, acting Chief Conservation Officer for the National Audubon Society
  • George Bumann, Yellowstone’s master artist & animal language expert
  • Freya McGregor, Coordinator at Birdability


  • The Ancient Art of Hunting With A Trained Raptor: A female falconer from the UK unpacks what it takes to work with these independently-minded animals.
  • What To Do When You Can’t Identify A Bird?: World-renown birder, author and artist, Kenn Kaufman, shares his Top 4 recommendations.
  • Survival Expert & Star Of The History Channel’s “Alone Show”: reveals how a nightjar once saved his life. 
  • What To Do When You Find A Stranded Baby Bird: ​An unorthodox approach from a boutique rehabber. 
  • ​Twitch Sketching Warblers: Tips for sketching quickly in the field, with beloved nature artist John Muir Laws.
  • The Secret to Telling The Difference Between A Male & Female Sandhill Crane: without using field marks as a clue. 
  • Seeing Life – Not Death: through the eyes of a fine art taxidermist.
  • The Unexpected Favorite Prey of The Swainson’s Hawk: during spring migration. Large groups will gather to eat this unusual menu item.
  • A Self-proclaimed “Grassland Evangelist” Is Changing The Culture Of Food: and reviving ancient practices of raising cattle.
  • The Elusive Hummingbird Love-Charm Trade: How America’s Senior Forensic Ornithologist helped to crack this case.
  • Tips & Tools For Birding With Hearing Loss: Birdability’s Coordinator shares the most helpful resources.. PLUS..her absolute favorite accessible trail in the US.
  • ​3 Expert Tips To Distinguish Hawk Feathers: from the commonly confused turkey feathers. One of them I’d never heard and it blew my mind.
  • ​How To Feel The Approach of A Peregrine Falcon: before you ever see it.

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