Drawing Birds with Debby Kaspari

Join John Muir Laws and special guest Debby Kaspari as they talk birds and dive into Debby’s journals and mindset. Hear Debby’s journey to being a bird artist, as well as her tips and tricks for drawing birds in the field. (Mar. 2023) Debby Kaspari’s website: https://drawingthemotmot.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/debbykaspari/ To learn more about Debby’s upcoming Read More

New! Quick Start Guide to Nature Journaling: Free download

This handy zine includes everything you need to get started nature journaling! It covers the basics (a definition, using words/pictures/numbers, and I notice/I wonder/It reminds me of), plus info on tools, places to journal, and more. BONUS: Turn the zine inside out for seven inspiring nature journaling prompts. The QR code takes you to more Read More