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David Lukas

My lifelong mission is to connect people with the natural world through filmmaking, writing, speaking, and teaching.

I love to explore and learn about the natural world–but more than anything else I love to teach people and I love to share what I discover so that we all become better observers and find ways to engage with the world more deeply and passionately.

Whenever I take a photo, make a video, write an article, or teach a new class this is what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about ways that I can best help people understand themselves and the natural world so that we can all live richer and fuller lives.


Explore with Master Naturalist David Lukas

Zoom Meeting CA

Join Master Naturalist David Lukas and John Muir Laws for another in our series of virtual nature walks featuring astonishing photos and video clips from David’s home turf in the North Cascade mountains. Following up on our introductory event on June 3, David will continue leading us into fields of flamboyant flowers as we practice


Understanding Bird Song with David Lukas

Zoom Meeting CA

It is one thing to learn how to identify bird species by their songs but another thing altogether to examine how we understand the nuances and meanings of bird songs. This exciting presentation is an examination of how birds vocalize, what kinds of messages and strategies birds use with their vocalizations, and how we study