Yosemate razor point 1

Draw your landscape with clear deliberate strokes. Use lighter lines in the background to suggest distance.

One thought on “Yosemate razor point 1

  1. Debra Rigney-Hays says:

    This is so funny! My husband and I just returned from the first Farmer’s Market of the season. There was an Irish fiddle group playing and I was sitting, sketching them. A complete stranger asked to see. I began talking to her and soon had her sitting next to me, with one of my sketchbook pages ripped out and her sketching too! I gave her a blue Pilot Razor Point. She enjoyed it, but didn’t like her drawing. I pulled out my waterbrush, gave her a demo and she was in love! I left her with plans to purchase the Pilots in red, black and blue. They give such a nice effect, with very little effort!

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