Drawing Birds on Toned Paper

In this art workshop, John Muir Laws introduces you to toned paper, explains the benefits of this media, and demonstrates drawing Northern Harriers and Black-billed Magpies on the toned paper. We also welcome special guest Bob Goodman, who gives us a history of the Swan Lake Important Birding Area, a local birding hotspot.

Notes from class on pencils and lead that Jack uses for toned paper: The blue pencil disappears on toned paper. Instead, Jack uses – Pentel 0.7 mm twist erase mechanical pencil with Uni 0.5 Lavender Nano Dia Color erasable. He colors white parts in and then adds graphite on top. He uses a soft 2B lead to cover area quickly. A useful website for pencil leads is Jetpens.com . When using toned paper, think of the paper color as your middle value and use that instead of coloring over the paper.