How to Draw Hawks in Flight

Here is another look at drawing hawks in flight. This time I have chosen a difficult angle. The bird, a Northern Harrier, holds its wings up in a steep V. This one is rocked toward you so that the close wing is strongly foreshortened. Lets take a look at how to draw hawks in flight,  step by step.

Click on the first image in the series to see an annotated slide show of the process.

3 thoughts on “How to Draw Hawks in Flight

  1. Great! Thanks John, only yesterday I was watching a lone peregrine slice up the sky like a mini zorro, ‘en garde’! I watched him through my binoculars, next time I’ll have a go at a sketch. I’m still very tentative about connecting the pencil to the paper yet!

    • It is scary to put those first lines on the page. The more you look at it as a way of recording information and a tool to help you look more carefully the easier it is to do. Don’t worry about the pretty picture. Instead, focus on journaling as a tool for your own learning and have fun with it. A sketch, even in a cartoon style is very useful.

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