Exploring the Arctic and How to Draw Snowy Owls

Join John Muir Laws and Nicolas Lecomte for an exploration of the arctic ecosystem, most especially the “ghosts of the snow”, the Snowy Owls. We will learn about ongoing Arctic research and lessons learned in the field. Then John Muir Laws will demonstrate techniques to draw Snowy Owls. What are lost and found edges and how can they add to your drawing skill set.

Nicolas Lecomte is an arctic researcher with years of experience in biology and education and is an active nature journaler. He is the Canada Research Chair in Polar and Boreal Ecology, Département de Biologie at the University of Moncton, Moncton, New Brunswick He is passionate about birds & their protection, ecosystems studies & educating the next generations of nature enthusiasts & biologists and running community-driven projects in the Arctic with Inuit. He loves to draw nature and document nature’s beauty and writes poems even when doing pure science.

His research is aimed at understanding the impact of climate changes and other global perturbations on ecosystems and animal populations, with a special focus on migratory birds and their predators in the Arctic. He has more than 20 years of experience in Arctic and Antarctic expeditions and has been an Arctic resident for 10 years and 3 years in Antarctic islands as a biologist and research scientist. He has served the military as a technical volunteer in biology for the Marine forces. Nicolas is an associate editor for 3 scientific journals: Methods in Ecology and Evolution; Oecologia; and Food Webs.